Office tel (910) 353-6158
fax (910) 353-7257

4, Office Park Drive
Jacksonville, NC 28546


We provide quality and cost effective care. Our clinic and endoscopy center has been recorgnized by Insurance companies as a high quality provider.


Our providers are highly experienced, caring and practice with integrity.

Superior Care

Our practice is well known and respected in the community. We do care about our patients.


We promise to take care of you.


Our clinic and endoscopy center are situated in the same building which is very convinient for our patients.

Endoscopy Center

Our endoscopy center is State of the Art with modern equipment. We strife to keep up with medical technology and advances.

Endoscopy center

Our endoscopy center is staffed by dedicated caring nurses, and experienced technicians providing care in a very safe enviroment.


We have the best, well maintained equipment providing very high quality endoscopy.

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Waiting Room
Please check in with the receptionist when you arrive. We have provided informative reading material for your convenience. You may have a friend/family member come with you for your procedure. Due to limited parking and sitting space we ask that you only come with one family or friend. Please arrange for someone to care for your children while you’re at our surgery center. We appreciate your understanding with this policy. Please do not bring food into the waiting room. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in our building.

We encourage you to call with any questions you may have concerning your medical care. If your call concerns an emergency, the doctor will be contacted at once. Otherwise, your call will be answered at the earliest opportunity. Please note that most phone calls are answered in the late morning and late afternoon, after all waiting patients have been seen.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, we request that you inform us 72 hours before test date. This will allow us to give the appointment to another patient. You will incur a charge if your appointment is not cancelled on time.

Lab/Pathology Results
If we take any samples from your stomach or intestines, the results will be discussed with you at your next appointment. We will contact you immediately if your results require urgent action. You may also receive your results via your patient portal. Be sure to sign up for the patient portal.

Emergency Care
Our physicians are available continuously for emergencies. Should you have a medical emergency, we will do our best to respond to your problem promptly. In the event of a serious emergency, you should go immediately to the nearest hospital emergency room, and ask them to contact your doctor. In a less serious situation, call the office and you will be recontacted as soon as possible. If you have any doubt about the seriousness of the emergency, it is best to go directly to the emergency room.

After Hours Care
Should you need to speak with the doctor after regular office hours, call the telephone number on your discharge sheet.

Fees & Insurance
Payment for endoscopy services, including any co-payment, is due at the time of the surgery visit. Please remember that the responsibility for the payment of medical bills rests with you, the patient. Medical insurance is a method for reimbursing the patient for medical expenses. As such, the agreement for insurance payment is between the patient and his insurance company. Insurance companies are under no obligation to send payment to the doctor. In most cases, the endoscopy center will gladly file with your insurance company. Whether your insurance company pays all, only a portion, or nothing on your bill is a matter between you and your insurance company. We cannot influence an insurance company’s policies regarding the extent or amount of payment. You are responsible for any portion of the bill not covered by insurance. In the event of financial hardship, contact our office manager to make specific arrangements for payment. Please note that the bill for testing biopsy samples is separate from your doctors’ endoscopy fee. Questions about fees for lab tests should be directed to the lab that performed the testing.


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